A Top 1.4ct EMERALD from Gachala emerald mine, in different lights,
Even the videos was taken in the same office space of 3×3 meters, you can see how different colors show in the screen.
1 Gia Microscope with digital adaptor
2 Day light noon time in Colombia
3 florescent light from top celling of my office.

This happen because colors are a perception, and any source of light change significantly what we see. That’s why in gemstones is so complicated to standardize colors. But even so basic Hue, tone and Saturation can give us a basic idea of where a color stand in the spectrum.
Just will never been an universal exactly value, but you can narrow the range of the color using attributes.
Will be even more interesting to feature how the same picture displays in different screens. And if change significant.
My self consider branding colors is a good way to bring better descriptions, and add value for the gems. Just need to clarify there is nothing related with science or standards. Cibjo last year work in a document where state the importance to difference branding to science. And I think is far to said as far this difference is disclosure branding of Colors make great for gemstones
Just remember Ron Ring sung telling me few years ago, how amazing Iris green, wasabi green, apple green, jungle green and hundred of other may be to describe the shades and amazing greens that you see in the emeralds, can be more appealing for consumers.