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In the book The Magic Power of the Jewels, it is assured that the matter is energy and life and that the radiations of the stones and precious metals have doubtless a power that our scientific men, not so sceptic as in the past century, are interested to study.

The planetary influence is associated to the gems: the fired ruby represents the fire element; the celestial blue of the saphir, the air; the lived color of the emerald, the earth and its greenish and the diamond, the purity of the air.

The christian tradition has maintained throughout the centuries a very rich simbolism of the precious stones and specially of the emerald.

The Emerald Talísman

The emerald has owned a very great importance in the esotheric aspect and has been attributed with special properties. The iniciated in the metaphysics called them the garden of the sunny flower while in the modern and famous era of aquarius the emerald is positíoned as one of the principal symbols.

It is guided by the Venus planet. Therefore, it is the lover's gem. A sun astral stone corresponds to May and to the sign Taurus though it doesnt fight with other ones and other zodiacal signs. It is talisman for monday as well as to celebrate 55 years of marriage. It is recommended as a talisman over all the other precious stones.

The emerald, with its esoterical significance gives freedom to the prisoner, gives ability to see the future, facilitates the guessing and allows the recover of lost objects, throws away devils and ir is an enemy of dirtyness.

When it is put in the left arm it protects from witchnesses and destroys devil actions.

In the gem therapy science of the curation through stones which is gaining strength in Europe and specially in the United States, homeopatic people says that it has had succeedeed in treating certain types of incurable cancer massaging with emeralds the affected zones of the bodv.

In ancient books it is point out that the kings sons carried emeralds agaínst epílepsy and ít was good

against weaknesses and illnesses. It is said that refreshes memory and gives happiness. They say that carrying it around the neck or in the finger, prevents epilepsy, stops bleeding, calms desintery and protects from panical terrors.

It is also said that the emeralds can delay storms and in consequence contains passion.

They say that it eases kidney functions, produces bilis, provoques birth and cures bites of poisoned species. They also say that it acts as an antidote against laziness and stupidity.


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