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Elegance Online, LLC. is a U.S company specializing in emeralds, jewelry and luxury items. We have developed strong relations with important miners and manufacturers in Colombia and Italy to distribute exclusive and fine jewelry trought the World Wide Web.

Our partnership  with the most prestigious miner and producer of cut and unloose emeralds in the region, allows us to bring you the most significant inventory of Colombian Emeralds in the world! You can easily access our inventory and select any gem at extraordinarily low cost.  We do not use middleman, our emeralds come from the mines of Colombia directly to our website, emeralds you bought from us has never been sold before..

We offer incomparable services and value from our technology, profesional team and facilities:

-Bogot?Free Trade zone (Duty Free).
This mean you never involve in customs paperwork of Colombia, usual emeralds exportations takes about 1 week, USD$500 and many problems; our emeralds are export already, you can order or return, free of any inconvenience. Most of Colobian Emeralds  dealers now are buying in our Free Trade Zone Offices. Take this special oportunty to buy from the source.

-Cutting factory. We cut every emerald of our inventory, with the most professional cutters of emeralds in all the world, in state of art digital cutting machines. Our cut is now reconized as the most advance and professional for Colombian Emeralds in Colombia

-Enhancement laboratory. Durability and reliability has been for many years the point in emeralds, we realize the need to improve all the components and technology in the enhancements of the stones. Our facilities in Bogota, bring most advance laboratory for gem enhancement in the world. We offer and certify only :
               - Traditional Cedar Wood Oil enhancement
               - New award PERMASAFE, the most important develop in the industry of emeralds in the last 30 years.

-GIA graduate gemologist. Judge the quality and rarity of emeralds is the work only of professional gemmologist, we always count with the third part that evaluate our gems, Mr. Rodigo Giraldo GIA Graduate Gemmologist, owner and founder of CGIE, the laboratory for emeralds in Colombiam he is ICA embassor in Colombia 2002. Count on always  with the confidence of genuine and valuable gems.

-Return Policies. If for any natural circumstance, or just under escrow agreement you need to return your order, we have easy and reliable procedure to get back emeralds in Colombia, without taxes, brokers or paperwork. In just few days you will complete the process.

-USA logistic infrastructure. We are incorporated in USA, and we operate with state of art fulfillment organizations in America to give you all the confidence and the services of today. We can delivery next day, and process high secure any type of payment for your order. All our credit cart transactions are support and process by Our Secure 128bit Gateway.

-E-commerce. All in your hand to make a pleasure your purchases online,VISA and MASTERCARD trought Bank of America, services, Paypal, Order Tracking, E-mail support, online quotation, online orders and virtual learning center of emeralds.


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-Enhancement Disclosure - FTC Guidelines , use only not permanent colorless oil (cedar wood oil) and epoxy resins (Permasafe). See care requirements. Product listed are oiled, you can select Permasafe in any Emerald order. Unenhancement emeralds, have special prices not listed in the website.
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